Assume my situation. You have been victim to the mass propagation of Chinese vegetables in your well tended garden, and under the deluge of Brobdingnagian bok choy giants, it's time to find a use for those thick succulent white stems, -because some buggeryelse has acquired all the leafy greens.

This meal is brought to you by the colours black and white.


  • Thin wok
  • Bitch'n hot element - preferably broken so it only has high setting.
  • Wok tool or spatula.

Heat wok and throw in oil. Then the onions, then half your water and the bok choy. Stir. Add garlic and holy basil. Add a splash more water as needed, the trick is to keep enough water in the mix so it doesn't burn but also not so much as to destroy the heat. Steaming is most of the cooking action. Once bok choy is tender - you decide by oral textural analysis - add everything else - including the seeds, stir some more (2 minutes) and serve on basmati rice that you steamed in the meantime.

The flavor and texture are refreshing and it's a healthy simple meal - assuming you have most ingredients in kitchen's reach. Cooking time is about 15 min.

NB The chili oil is red but can't be seen in the finished dish, a Puritan could use rich purple black chillies fresh, otherwise preserved holy basil in oil is quite black and may be available in a non chili, pigment deficient oil.

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