Xamot raises hand timidly "Yes I listened to Bon Jovi. I was young and I didn't know better, honest"

One of this most popular bands of the 80s. Bon Jovi, fronted by singer Jon Bon Jovi (who changed his name from Jon Bongiovi), made their name a household word with the album Slippery When Wet in 1986. The rest of the band includes keyboardist/vocalist David Bryan (originally David Rashbaum), guitarist Richie Sambora, bassist Alec John Such, and drummer Tico Torres. Sambora replaced Dave Sabo (who later joined Skid Row) before the band ever went into the studio.

Although the band has disbanded and reformed several times, mostly because members go off to do solo projects, they are still together, still playing, and still touring. Living in the Missouri I sadly know where the market for this band lives.

s/t -- Mercury Records (1984)
7800 Fahrenheit -- Mercury Records (1985)
Slippery When Wet -- Mercury Records (1986)
Bon Jovi Live -- Jamie Records? (1987)
New Jersey -- Mercury Records (1987)
Keep the Faith -- Mercury Records (1992)
Cross Road -- Mercury Records (1994)
These Days -- Mercury Records (1995)
Crush -- Polygram Records (2000)

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