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A self-proclaimed "speed Mariachi" band composed of Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller fame) on bass, Dean J. Seal on bongos, and Rob "Running" Elk (Bob) on guitar. They released one album, Never Mind the Sex Pistols, Here's Bongos, Bass and Bob! in 1988 on the 50 Skadillion Watts label. Recorded with help from Kramer and Ann Magnuson of Bongwater, Teller (on backup vocals, no less), and Fred Frith. Included in the book Hollywood Hi-fi as one of the examples of why celebrities shouldn't release music, despite getting generally good reviews when it was released.

Track listing:

Side B

1.Oral Hygiene
2.Clothes of the Dead
3.Walkin' in the Park
4.Temporarily Like Bob Dylan
5.Li'l Bluebird
6.Mr. Lemke
7.Hey, Shirley
8.What's Your Name, Babe?
9.Rent Control/Our Life Together

Side B

1.Clearly Unhealthy
2.Cain't Grow a Beard
4.Thorazine Shuffle
5.Die Tryin' to Escape
6.Girls With Guns
7.Gun in My Hand and Im Waitin' on My Woman

That's right - both sides of the record are labelled side B. Wacky.

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