Art rock/indie band on New York's Shimmy Disc label. Formed by actress Ann Magnuson and indie legend (and Shimmy Disc owner) Kramer in 1985. Bongwater suffered an acrimonious split in 1992.

Releases include:
Breaking No New Ground, 1987
Double Bummer , 1988 (Shimmy Disc, #5011)
Too Much Sleep , 1989 (Shimmy Disc, #5031)
The Power of Pussy , (Shimmy Disc, #5040)
The Big Sell-Out , 1992 (Shimmy Disc, #5050)
The Complete Recordings of Bongwater , (Shimmy Disc, #5555)
Box of Bongwater, 1998
Peel Sessions EP, 1992

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