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To fuck this site up
skullfucking the editors and admins at e2 and then causing them a slow and painful death
Your mom's ass
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The people who run this site, and the editors, and admins, fuck, damn near everybody on this site, with a couple exceptions, are fucking stupid ass fucking (Racial epithet removed). There are only two people that have actually complimented me on anything, and given me a couple (friendly) pointers, without being a dick about it. Maybe I want to write completely fucking random shit. Maybe I like to be stupid sometimes. But now I'm pissed off, which means I have no choice but to become an asshole. So fuck you god damned (Racial epithets removed), whatever the fuck you god damn morons are, you pissed off the wrong motherfucker

Editor's note: Racial epithets were commented out by Lord Brawl pending discussion of the problem with this user.