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This is the question we all want an answer to. But don't tell us! We'll find him ourselves!

Waldo is a little guy to goes all over (time, fantasy, real world, Hollywood, etc.) and you have to find him among hundreds of other people.

See also: Find Waldo Now, The Great Waldo Search, Where's Waldo in Hollywood, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw

A children's book of roughly 32 pages by Martin Hanford consisting of illustrations wherein the character Waldo is hidden. Outside of the United States it is titled "Where's Wally?" Children liked the visual puns and amusement value of searching for Waldo's distinctive red and white striped shirt, making this book a fairly big success which sparked a number of sequels.

More interesting than the book itself is that it sits as being one of the more frequently contested children's books in the US. This book has been challenged in a few areas by people who felt that "on some of the pages there are dirty things." Specifically, in the upper right section of one illustration there is the tiny drawing of a topless sunbather lying face down. Someone is splashing her, causing her to arch her back, making one breast partially visible.

I would like to put forth a modest proposal on how to deal with those who believe that it is acceptable to ban a book for such a reason. Or for any other reason.

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