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Bora Bora is one of the islands of Tahiti, the most beautiful place on earth, with clear waters and fishes that eat from your hand.

And a huge aphrodisiac .

The island's name in Tahitian is spelled Pora-Pora and means "First Born."
Bora-Bora was visited by Captain James Cook in 1777 and annexed by France in the late 19th century.
During World War II the island had a U.S. naval base, and Motu Mute islet on the northwest side of Bora-Bora's reef was a U.S. air base; the airstrip is still in use.
The tallest peak is Mt Otemanu which is about 2379 feet high, and has never been climbed!
Author James Michener described Bora Bora as "the most beautiful island in the world".
The brand name of a peach-flavored beer sold at least in Finland approximately 4 years ago and manufactured by Sinebrychoff. Basicially lager with some peach juice mixed in for a bit of flavor.

It was the only brand of beer I could ever drink without nearly dying of thirst or needing novocaine on my tongue beforehand. It wasn't too sweet (unlike the sugar water sold as cider here nowadays), but not too bitter either. Some of my beer-drinking friends found it terrible, but... well, they were beer-drinkers. :)

Sadly, this drink was apparently a seasonal thing, only sold in summer. I think it was on the shelves for two summers in a row, but then disappeared without a trace.

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