Yo, I just got one thing to say.
What's that, Quizro?
E2reneta is one of the freshest homies around.
He's got everything: the looks, the style, the noding skills.
No wonder the ladies call him Smooth E.
Bust a rhyme, Big Q!
By golly, I will!


E2reneta, E2reneta once appeared on Baretta
Riding down the street in his Volkswagen Jetta
A man he doesn't like, well you know he never met a
He's writing operettas at a table at Bruschetta's

He's drinking Amaretto but his name's not E2reneto
His name is E2reneta and he rocks it from the ghetto
Improvisation is his plan to save the nation
Knows a ukelele version of "(Keep Feeling) Fascination"
Funky like John Tesh when he's singing "Concetta"
The girls love E2reneta when he wears his fuzzy sweater
He don't need your permission to act on his E2 mission
His name is Tim E. and he busts all opposition
Not a hood or a thug, if he's wrong he'll eat a bug
E2reneta's pushing mix tapes like a psychedelic drug
Not a schoolboy not a poolboy never been to Alpharetta
Dropping science in the schools like Dr. Thomas L. Genetta

Not a member of Weezer and he's got no time for skeezers
From Chicago to Seattle they all say he's a crowd pleaser
Everybody say, "Mo' betta, mo' betta"
E2reneta brings the house down like the genus palometa
A heavy operator like the hippo Henrietta
A performing Mafioso with a personal vendetta
E2reneta, E2reneta once appeared on Baretta
On the streets of San Francisco in his Volkswagen Jetta

That's a lot of words that rhyme with "E2reneta", Quiz.
Word up.
I got the feeling you were sort of reaching on some of those. Like with "sweater". Are you even sure that's how "E2reneta" is pronounced?
Er. Not really.
How long did that take you to write, anyway?
...Two hours.
Ah. I see. So who are you going to do next? How about Jet-Poop?
Oh, shut up.
I'll start: "Jet-Poop, Jet-Poop, he's always in the loop..."
Shut UP, man!

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