By: Geoff Nicholson

Still life with Volkswagens is a fun and captivating tale of obsession and VW beetle culture.

The book features an ensemble cast of characters all of whose lives have been deeply affected by Volkswagen beetles:
Barry: Former Zen Road Warrior, now retired and living in an RV Park. His slack black beetle "Enlightenment" now sits under a dust cover.

Marilyn: Weather girl, daughter of a prominent UK politician former love of Barry, current squeeze of Carlton Bax.

Phalen: Neo-Nazi leader, obsessed with VW Beetles, our villain.

Carlton Bax: Millionaire Playboy and Volkswagen enthusiast owner of some of the most rare beetle memorabilia in the world.

Fat Les: Owner of "Fat Volks", a Beetle customizing shop, former road-mate of Barry, works on many of Carlton's Beetles.

Charles: Marilyn's father, former house member, now in an asylum. Believes that VW Beetles are the incarnation of evil on earth and wishes to see them all destroyed.

The Ferrous Kid: Too smart for his nine-years of age, fascinated by Barry, steals cars and goes joy riding, but always returns them

How these characters (and a few others) lives are intertwined really captivates the reader, we are led through car chases, random violence, hippies, neo-nazis, kidnapping, Barry's return to the road and the destruction of numerous Volkswagens. I really don't want to give too much away as this book is REALLY worth reading.

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