A nice magazine containing all sorts of information about Volkswagens. It covers older air cooled Volkswagens and the newer water cooled ones as well. It contains technical howtos, stories (including pictures) of impressive custom Volkswagens, not too many ads, and no scantily clad ladies (not anymore, anyway).

Worth picking up if you're interested in VWs. Worth getting a subscription to if you're really interested.

VW Trends is the number one magazine for Volkswagen enthusiasts. This is just one of several automotive magazines produced by McMullen Argus Publishing.

They have moved nicely into the internet world. With many of their articles available for browsing on their website. It is unfortunate that they must resort to pop-up advertisement in an attempt to sell more subscriptions.

VW Trends keeps a list of VW clubs all around the world. This is a great resource for any VW fan looking to make new friends. They also feature some top notch technical information about all flavors of Volkswagens. But there is a definate bias toward the classic air cooled pancake engine Volkswagens.

Back issues of VW Trends are available for $7 USD, (which is kind of a high price for something with a cover price of around half of that).

VW Trends Staff
  • Ryan Lee Price - Editor
  • Dave Cormack - Technical Editor
  • Rob Hallstrom - Senior Editor
  • Lois Grace - VolksWoman
  • Tris Mast - Art Director
  • Karl Funke - Features Editor


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