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Really aggravating artifact of poorly-designed 3D systems. Due to the use of clipping planes, only objects within a certain range of distances are rendered. So as you move towards a distant object, it will be invisible until the graphics subsystem decides that it's closer than the far clipping plane. Suddenly, it appears. (Pop.) If you keep on going, getting closer and closer, many systems also have a near clipping plane, as well. A good example is a race game where, as you drive down the course, bits of scenery suddenly appear as you get close to them. The careful use of fog will prevent this occurence, as will the design of sufficiently twisty tracks, where you never see things which are that far away, because they're around a corner. This is also one reason why so many computer race courses have buildings/walls/trees/canyon walls/tubes around/along the track.

If Grover were to do the near and far demonstration on a cheap box, you might get pop-up, and the opposite, pop-down.

Also a flagrant abuse of javascript. Pop-up windows and banner ads are one of the most annoying phenomena on the world wide web today. Pop-ups are frequently found on porn sites, and other wretched hives of scum and villainy.

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