The Catboxer made his debut in #catbox on on May 27, 2001. Originally, the gateway between Everything2's Chatterbox and #catbox was handled by Chatterbot, but for various reasons, Chatterbot was taken down by it's owner, leaving #catbox without a bot.

While Cahla tried to make the best of the botless channel, Dwyn created Catboxer originally titled Chatterbot2. It was decided that a name change was in order considering the circumstances of Chatterbot's removal. The name Catboxer was suggested by Infinite Burn and it was accepted as the name of the new #catbox bot.

Cowbotneal, the bot who rules #everything has this to say about Catboxer: "Catboxer knocked the shit out of Chatterbot (not that that's saying much) and now rules #catbox as the undisputed #catbox champ."

The Following is Catboxer's help file.

Available commands:
HELP                     This help message
LOGIN <user> <password>  Log in to E2
LOGOUT                   Log out from E2
WHO                      Show a list of logged-i users
SAY <text>               Chat in the chatterbox
[MSG] <user> <message>     Send a private message
LIST [ALL|NEW]           List my private messages (default: NEW)
PRIVATE [ON|OFF]         Automatically fetch new private messages
DELETE <msgid>           Delete a private message
SAVE                     Save preferences
Aliases (for backwards compatibility):
SAY /MSG <user> <message> (or CHATTER /MSG) also works as expected.
Private messages are no longer automatically fetched from E2 to avoid database strain.  
Type "HELP PRIVATE" for details.
End of help.

These are just some Catboxer aliases that I came up with for mIRC 5.9x/6.x to "streamline" the process of logging in, talking, sending messages, etc.

To use them, paste the code (between the start and stop comments) into a file and save it as 'catboxer.mrc' in your mIRC directory. Then start up mIRC and type /load -rs catboxer.mrc . To remove the scripts, do the same thing, except with /unload . Then right-click in a channel window to access the main lot of popups, or on a nickname to send a /msg.

;-- start cutting here --

; Catboxer script for mIRC 5.9x/6.x

; Aliases
; Sets up the basic stuff to get the popups to work
; ...or you can just use these.

alias cathelp /.msg catboxer help
alias catlogin /.msg catboxer login $$1-
alias catlogout /.msg catboxer logout
alias catwho /.msg catboxer who
alias catsay /.msg catboxer say $$1-
alias catmsg /.msg catboxer msg $$1 $$2-
alias catlistmsg /.msg catboxer list $$1
alias catloginmsg /.msg catboxer login_messages $$1
alias catdeletemsg /.msg catboxer delete $$1
alias catsavepref /.msg catboxer save

; Popups-Channel
; Adds the menu items for talking to catboxer,
; when right-clicking in a channel.

menu channel {
.Login:/catlogin $$?="<login> <password>"
.Say:/catsay $$?="Text:"
.Msg:/catmsg $$?="<user> <message>"
.List msgs
..New:/catlistmsg new
..All:/catlistmsg all
.Delete msg:/catdeletemsg $$?="<msgids>"
.Login messages
..New:/catloginmsg new
..All:/catloginmsg all
..Off:/catloginmsg off
.Save prefs:/catsavepref
..Delete:/cathelp delete
..Who:/cathelp who

; Popups-Nicklist
; Adds the "send message" thing to the nick
; list. (duh) Easier to do this if they're
; online.

menu nicklist {
.Msg:/catmsg $1 $$?="Message?"

;-- end cutting here --

mIRC has these things called "popups", which are essentially a user-controllable set of menus based on a scripting language. The popups can also generate variables depending on where they're set up; clicking on a name in the user list could send it to an alias that, say, used catboxer to message someone. They can also take user input in the form of an input field - this is how the main aliases work.

I hope this isn't too confusing, but it should all be pretty self-explanatory once the script's loaded and you're in a channel. You might want to make up a remote or two to log you back in after a netsplit (on quit) or Word Galaxy (on topic), as well as auto-logging you in when you join SlashNET.

Okay, here's the thing - don't downvote this just because you don't understand it, or because it's for mIRC and not BitchX or xchat or whatever. At least /msg me.

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