Do you suffer from:

- Frequent Refreshes?

- Painful load times?

- Missed parts of conversations?

- Depression because the Java Chatterbox isn't working right now?
  Mad propz to N-Wing who is the man and was the inspiration for this

Well - Suffer no more!

Anml4ixoye proudly presents

The E2 Flash Chatterbox Client!
much cheering

How to use: Available on is a hyperlink to the Flash Chatterbox. It will open a new window and present you with a login screen. Login with your E2 username and password, and go at it!

Update: Ok, folks, it's been 7 years now. Certainly there are much better interfaces than this flash/asp thing I put together way back when. :) Sadly, I've moved hosts, and am not on a Windows platform anymore, so the links all work, but the Client won't any more, since all of the requests were done through Classic ASP. However, I'm leaving up the code for historical reference.

How it works: Using the incredibly awesome E2 Universal Message Ticker and the wonders of Flash 5 and the latest Active Server Pages technology it allows you to enter and receive chatterbox messages, automatically refreshing every 30 seconds. There are four main files that make up the Flash chatterbox. The code for each is available as:

  • (contains the source code for e2chatterbox.asp, e2Login.asp, and getChatterboxXML.asp)
  • (the flash output file)
  • (the flash source code and file)

Future upgrades and plans:

Please feel free to use it and /msg me if you find any bugs or see any problems. Alternatively you can email e2 at cornetdesign dot com if need be.

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