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Killing Entropy (Saturday, 7 am)

0:00-6:31 "Gorecki" by Lamb from the album Lamb (1997)

6:31-9:33 "Trans-Atlantic Drawl" by Radiohead from the album College EP (2001)

9:33-15:44 "X-Flies" by Mouse on Mars from the album Autoditacker (1997)

15:44-22:02 "Kristallo" by Kraftwerk from the album Ralf & Florian (1973)

22:02-27:45 "Mystic Rhythms (Live)" by Rush from the album A Show of Hands (1988)

27:45-35:34 "Nil" by Autechre from the album Amber (1994)

35:34-40:01 "Never Here" by Elastica from the album Elastica (1995)

40:01-45:41 "Don't Fade Away" by Dead Can Dance from the album Toward the Within (1994)

45:41-1:00:00 "887 (Structure)" by Banco de Gaia from the album Last Train to Lhasa (1995)

"She's fading," he thought to himself, staring into his Saturday morning coffee. The day was not far off. The flashing lights, the curtains drawn, the shaking as that primitive life force is exorcised from its collapsing host. A straight line from Point A to Point B. Such is the passing of time during the advanced stages of an illness.

And what then? Denouement. Coda. Anti-climax. Decomposition. Worthless residue. The stains of a sex between the dead. Every spin of the Earth pushes the token along the game board toward that uneven ending. The black coffee reflected his wrinkled brow. His face was still handsome, but his white hair a mess, his eyes bloodshot, his lips trembling. Signs of sleep deprivation were getting difficult to hide as time went on. He could feel the vibrations in the air as their clock ticked. "And we're spinning. God, we are spinning. Unwinding." Speed of rotation at the Earth's equator is 1670 kilometers per hour.

A failing heart, a failing marriage, a failing culture. A failing star. The news had reported that solar fluctuations were 300% greater than the average peak in the 11-year cycle. Communications satellites were failing. It wasn't just metal. It was man's ambition falling from the sky. Manmade systems were aging, cracking, submitting to their unnatural faults. Humanity was too weary to care. It would be back to hunting and gathering in a couple generations.

He drew up plans against Nature, and put a bounty on Entropy. Drawing supernatural breaths, he hastily strode to the garage, and took from the Destroyer what was rightfully his. The rotation of the Earth slowed by 2 milliseconds that day, as it often does.

I was born at 7am on a Saturday.

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