Another hour from the Weekend Sound Track
Sunday, 1pm

<<< Cup of Coffee #3 :: :: Warm sunlight and a short nap >>>

Sometimes I have this dream where I am flying...

Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum
by Claude Debussy
from the Children's Corner suite

pondering this alternative reality concept

Amazing Journey
by The Who
from the rock opera Tommy

if over the hills was someplace new and forgotten

Remember (Recollected Remix)
by BT
original from the album ESCM

frisky, most silver, serene -- bright step at the margins of air, you tiny colossus and winsome and master me, easy in sunlight, you gracious one come to me, live in my life

South Side of the Sky
by Yes
from the album Fragile

gone stoic in silence: ash and smoke and the wide sunk mud-iron landscape of forever

The Enemy God Dances With The Black Spirits
by ELP
from the album Works Volume 1

beautiful, in that way that space and any measure of emptiness is beautiful.

The Great Pumpkin Waltz
by Vince Guaraldi
perfomed by George Winston
from the album Linus & Lucy - The Music of Vince Guaraldi

looking as though they saw the dark before dawn every day

Karma Slave
by Splashdown
from the Titan AE Soundtrack

when you dream the end of the world, how does it happen?

Cinq Morceaux de fantaisie, op.3
II - Prelude in C sharp minor
by Sergei Rachmaninov
from the album Rachmaninov plays Rachmaninov - The Ampico Piano Recordings

we're all in the dark, just looking for the light

Toccata con fuoco
by ELP
from the album Works Volume 1

the fragile innocence of inanimate objects

The Frail
by Nine Inch Nails
from the album The Fragile

knowing your brain is about to grow outward, a flower in full bloom.

Endless Dream
Part a - Silent Spring
Part b - Talk
by Yes
from the album Talk

the easiest thing that ever made me happy

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