Noders In Love: Marrying My Best Friend

I always feel like, "Damn, I'm lucky." I love being the one who gets to sit across the table looking at him.

One day we were traveling to New York (from our home in North Carolina) for my wedding shower. I had been driving because Jeff had just gotten off work at 7am. The drive had gone smoothly. I was drinking Diet Pepsi and eating Goldfish Crackers for breakfast, lunch and dinner as planned. Then, I saw a sign in Virginia that I could not resist. It was a sign for Friendly's Restaurant. I immediately cranked up the radio and pulled into Friendly's.

After I woke Jeff up (which he was not happy about) to the song Vogue (which he was even less happy about) we went to Friendly's for lunch. Jeff was a bit out of it and went back to sleep after lunch. Four or five hours pass and Jeff is ready to drive. We stopped for gas and Jeff reached for his wallet. His wallet is not where it should have been.

Jeff panicked. We searched the van. Nothing. Jeff starts to think about what he will do when we arrive in New York. What city was the Friendly's in? Will the waitress pocket it? Did he drop it in the parking lot? Uhh.. Where did Jessica go?

During this, I have gone into the reststop store, bought a pay phone card and called my good friend David. I had David check all of the Friendly's in Virginia that are near I-90. He finds three. I call them up and ask if they are in Spotsylvania County. When I found the Spotsylvania Friendly's, they luckily had Jeff's wallet and it was safe in the resturant safe.

Sometimes I am needy. I deal with depression and am on medicine. The medicine isn't perfect and, even worse; sometimes I forget to take it. Jeff loves me. I have a bad day at work, come home and snip at Jeff. Jeff loves me. I'm imperfect -- I make mistakes, spend too much money and sometimes don't carry my share. Jeff loves me. I am so lucky.

The wallet incident made me realize something; maybe he's lucky too! Maybe I do have good attributes? Maybe there is a reason Jeff loves me. Maybe I do good things too? Maybe, we make a good team and that counts for something.

The Story -- Short Version

Jeff and I met at the Toronto gathering. I was going to St. Bonaventure University and Jeff was working at a small company in Rochester, New York. I was driving to Albany, New York that week for a job interview, driving back Friday, taking my ending test for my Master's Degree and then driving to Toronto. After several IM conversations, and Jeff assuring me that he would not kill me, we decided to meet in Buffalo, New York and drive up together. I got Jeff's information and picture, gave it to a friend in case I didn't return, and after my test, drove up to the Buffalo Galleria to meet Jeff.

I drove in driving my tank, which Jeff immediately spotted. He started walking towards where I parked. After we met, we went into the food court to grab a bite. We both got pizza and both ripped off a bite of our crust first. It was the strangest thing. Everyone always picks on me for doing that and now I'm sitting across the table from someone who does the same thing? We talk, we eat, we leave.

Anyway, the weekend passes by and things go okay. But really, I'm not that interested. Jeff and I talk on ICQ a bit, and flirt just a little, but I have decided to take a job in North Carolina so what could possibly happen in the two weeks before I move?

My dear friend, her kids and her boyfriend decide to go to Darien Lake. I ask Jeff "Do you like roller coasters?" and the rest is really history. Jeff comes with us to Darien Lake. During the entire day, my friend seems to be "selling me." "Isn't Jessica's hair so beautiful?" "Don't you just love her Cleopatra eyes?" I was so embarrassed -- but it worked. At the end of the night, my friend took my car back to her place and I went with Jeff to his. We spent the rest of the weekend in Rochester and after having more fun than I had had in quite a while, he returns me to Olean, New York.

We spend a few weekends together before I move to North Carolina. Jeff helps me pack and I hope that I will see him again. And that I did. After three or four round trip flights, Jeff moves to North Carolina. Life is peachy. The end.

Well not quite. Jeff has moved down during a very slow economy and it takes him seven months to find a job. We are engaged, but things feel rocky. I am a North Carolina teacher and that is not a lot of money to pay the bills for two. I start feeling worn down and the magical day happens where Jeff gets a job. Oh, and it is so good. Jeff and I were almost immediately so much less tense. Things are back how they should be.

Do we argue? Of course. Is life perfect? Of course not. Nevertheless, I can truly say two things. First, I never knew life could be so good -- I never knew I could be so happy and content. Second, and maybe more importantly, Jeff makes me want to be a better person. I love that he brings out the best in me and I feel like I bring out the best in him. What a wonderful thing.

So we're getting married!


  • This wedding is invite only. If you want to share in our day, please /msg me A/S/A/P. Invitations have already gone out to the people who expressed interest. However, we'd love more noders to come.
  • The wedding is on Saturday, June 21, 2003 in Kingston, New York. The reception is in a "don't blink town" called Hurley, New York.
  • There are cabins and hotels on site, but you need the password to get one. After all of the cabins/hotels are booked, we are allowed for people to pitch a tent on this beautiful site. There are lakes and trails, horseshoes and a pool on site.
  • The wedding is only 25 minutes away from Woodstock, New York

June 21, 2003. Noders In Love: Marrying My Best Friend.

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