I see sexual desire maligned above as a "bad quality" and dismissed as an extension of the will (how typical of Rand that she thought of a man's body as equivalent to a pile of iron ore).

Certainly sexual desire can be inconvenient. Even if you don't like its effects on yourself, it's just part of the price we pay for our living flesh and blood, along with the hiccups and needing to sleep. Rant against these things if you must but I fail to see the point.

I know a few people who have no sexual desire at all...and they are quite content with their lot, except for when other people behave "inexplicably" around them. They get very hurt and frustrated when issues relating to desire arise in their relationships with others. That's because a lack of this desire is abnormal no matter how convenient it might be.

If you really want it gone, there's always neutering...

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