Another hour from the Weekend Sound Track
Sunday. Two o'clock Past Meridian.

←‹‹ daydreaming on a lazy Sunday afternoon : ...and ever...››→

For me, Sunday afternoons are an eternal battle between my own desire to half consciously nap in front of the television and others desire to make me do things. This battle is titanic and wrought with both great peril and furious victory.

Sunday naps so often drag me back to my childhood, and sometimes farther. I can see the dust dancing in the sunbeam that so fearlessly taunts my cat by constantly but slowly moving. I can hear music played upon an old Victrola. The heavy velvet drapes smell of last nights cigars and the whole room has that unique sound dampening quality that only library walls sagging with books can yield. Tea is set out but never consumed; it's steam falters and fails. I can hear the children dancing about the orchard and playing their running and falling games.

The dust is thick, and the air hangs warm upon the sill. Change is inevitable and eventually, grudgingly I am bent to my tasks.

I've never really paid much attention to the lyrics when I listen to music. I occasionally pick up a few bits of the chorus, but that's about it. For me, the emotion has always been in the music, the tempo, the rhythm. For that reason, when I hear my soundtrack I don't often hear any words. Lyrics tend to confuse the music and so I have chosen tracts that are almost exclusively instrumental. There are some words, one song is a cappella, but they're not words I understand and so the focus is most often on the harmony and not the lyrics.

  • The Riddle of Steel
    Basil Poledourus, Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack
  • Mountain Walk East
    Nomad, Nomad
  • O' Sullivans March
    The Chieftains, Roby Roy Soundtrack
  • Iroduri
    Kodo Drummers, The Best of Kodo
  • Scotland the Brave
    The Scottish National Pipe and Drum Corps, The Music of Scotland
  • Theology/Civilization
    Basil Poledourus, Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack
  • Moonlight Sonata
    Ludwig Von Beethoven, Masters of Classical Music; Beethoven
  • Coelestis aulae nuntis
    Choralschola of the Niederaltaicher Scholaren, Gregorian Chant
  • Revenge
    James Horner, Braveheart Soundtrack
  • The Grey Fox
    The Chieftains, The Chieftains Film Cuts
  • The Kitchen/The Orgy
    Basil Poledourus, Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack
  • Duel of the Fates
    John Williams, Starwars: The Phantom Menace Soundtrack
  • I realize that some of these tracks may be a bit iffy to locate. I have madewill soon make all the tracts, including a playlist in .axs format available for download, either individually or separately. You can will soon be able to find them at

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