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Bound To Be Read is a self-proclaimed independent bookstore based in Albuquerque. In addition to its original Albuquerque location (which opened in the mid-1990s), Bound To Be Read also has a store in St. Paul and another in Key Largo.

Update: Bound To Be Read officially closed the Albuquerque and St. Paul stores in 2005. References to the Key Largo location have been removed from their web site.

With regards to the St. Paul location, the site has a posting that says: "Its been 4 years of pure fun serving you, but the party is over, the novel has ended, the story complete - Bound to be Read will be closing its doors officially on July 27, 2005 - if not before. The decision to sell our lease to a new retailer was made by ownership."

The original content of this entry remains unchanged.

Despite its image of being "independent," the store is actually owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, a large multi-million dollar media company. Hubbard Broadcasting owns a number of TV and radio stations, primarily in Minnesota, New Mexico, and New York.

Bound To Be Read's claim to fame is a laid back and enjoyable atmosphere for book lovers of all sorts. There's toys and play areas for kids, comfy chairs for the adults to sit in and browse through books, and the obligatory coffee shop. The stores also boast regular performances, book signings, holiday events, and hosting of meetings for local book clubs.

Although they don't go for the "10% off everything" discounts like some large retail booksellers, Bound To Be Read does offer fairly steep (10-21%) discounts for students, teachers, seniors, and businesses.

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