Bowmore is a single malt scotch whisky produced on the isle of Islay in Scotland.

Some people have reported that some newer bottlings of Bowmore have suffered from something referered to as French Whore Perfume (or FWP) syndrome. This is a very strong, odd perfumey taste. It isn't present in all bottles and some people don't notice it at all while others can't stand it. The distillery denies that there is any problem at all. No one is excatly sure why this happens but the two leading theories are that either that the distillery means for it to taste that way (though I can't imagine why) or (the more likely reason) that this results from residue from a cleaning agent used to wash the bottles (or maybe they use the same bottling plant as Avon, I don't know.)

If you can find a bottle without this affliction then Bowmore is quite a nice whisky. It is available in a wide range of expressions from the Bowmore Legend (no age statement but believed to be 8 years old) to the standard 12 and 17 year old bottlings to specialty bottlings like Bowmore Dusk and Bowmore Mariner all the way to the rare (and expensive) Black Bowmore.

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