Brain Mole (Generic Fantasy Monster)

The brain mole is a small fantasy monster that feeds upon the energy possessed by those with psychic powers (they are a kind of furry little psychic vampire).

Brain moles look identical to a normal small mole. They are nearly blind, and usually live in a series on small underground tunnels.These seldom seen beasties usually live in small family units, with two adults, and up to eight children (larger colonies may emerge in areas of heavy psychic and psionic power usage).

The moles attack any psychic or psionically endowed creature (from the protection of their tunnel networks), by mentally tunneling into their target's mind and stealing the psychic energy from them. They can attack at a range of up to 30 feet. A skilled psionicist will feel the power drain, but will not be able to actually locate the creature (the mole itself is nearly immune to mental attack). A non-skilled user of mind powers (known as a wild talent in the D&D world), will simply be drained, and they will not even realize it happened until they try and use their powers.

The brain mole is actually a friendly little creature. They are of no danger to a normal person (and even the mental draining leaves its victims unharmed in the physical sense). They are often kept as pets by the rich (or by people who fear attack from those that have mental powers). They do need to feed about once a week or else they die. But this feeding is easily accomplished by taking them out to the marketplace in your pocket on a busy day (as there are enough people around with latent psychic powers that the mole will find someone to feed off of).

The brain mole is somewhat of a black market animal due to its powers, an adult one is valued at about $1000 (or 50 GP in the D&D world). Even baby ones can be sold easily.

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