Creating Wounds, Scars, Welts, Warts, and Moles with Stage Makeup
  • Begin by making sure there is no grease or other makeup on your work surface. Gelatin appliances will not stick to makeup
  • In a small container mix equal parts of unflavored gelatin and hot water. Stir, and set the container in a bowl of warm water to keep the gelatin from fully congealing.
  • Set the gelatin on the skin in the desired shape. You can sculpt and mold it with a wooden coffee stir stick or an orange wood stick. Scars will use a very thin, smooth application of gelatin. Add additional thickness and texture for welts and deep wounds.
  • When the gelatin has dried, lightly powder, making sure to brush away any excess powder when you are finished.
  • You can stabilize the gelatin by coating the edges in spirit gum to help it stick.
  • Apply makeup directly over the gelatin to match your base skin shade. Add highlights and shadows as appropriate.Now add any reds or blues for the wound color. For welts and wounds stipple lightly with violet to make the skin appear slightly ripped or shredded.

Part of the Stage Makeup Metanode

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