Bratkartoffeln, German home-fried potatoes are the dish when it comes to judging the quality of a German cook or a restaurant serving local dishes in northern Germany. A nice meal on its own, it can (and is) also used as side dish and can be combined with everything from fried eggs to a mixed grill or even Gr√ľnkohl, a dish made from green cabbage.

Bratkartoffeln should be brown, crispy on the outside and not too fatty.

Boil potatoes in the jacket, let them cool (best done the day before) and peel them.
Slice the potatoes - fine slices are good.
Heat up a pan, add a good handful of cubes of smoked bacon.
As soon as the bacon gives off fat, add a handful of diced onions.
Stir, and as soon as the onions become slightly translucent, add the potatoes.
Fry over medium heat, turn continuously until the potatoes have a nice, brown colour.
This step takes time. Bratkartoffeln are not a dish for the impatient.
Add salt and pepper, serve hot.

Bratkartoffeln should never be reheated.

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