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Extremely active woman at the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp.

Pity she didn't exist, really. Bridget Evans was a pseudonym used when dealing with the media, the council, the police and anyone else liable to cause trouble if they learnt the real names of the peace campers.

As far as I can tell, Ms. Evans was born on October 2nd, 1982. The camp had been evicted by Newbury District Council and a couple of caravans had been impounded. A protestor called Jane wanted her stuff back, but didn't want to be sued for the cost of the eviction. The obvious answer was to give a false name, and so Jane became Bridget Evans. Another camper called Aggie had the same idea, and also pronounced herself Bridget Evans. Amazingly, they weren't rumbled.

Bridget Evans' career went on to include woman of letters to the local and national press, and camp spokeswoman when dealing with Newbury District Council, press or the police. She also found herself a sister, Brenda Evans, when police co-operation was needed to hold a demonstration (encircling the base on 12th December, 1982) and two women went to talk to the superintendant. Bridget Evans hired marquees to shelter visitors at the same demonstration.

She is also the eponymous subject of a song by left wing Australian singer-songwriter, Judy Small.

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