"A powerful clean that goes way beyond pots and pans!"From the official Brillo Pad website

Brillo pads are impregnated cleaning pads which are used to remove grease and grime from difficult to clean surfaces.

They were invented in 1913 by lawyer called Milton B. Loeb who was approached by a costume jewellery maker who had invented a new way to clean aluminium pans which had just become fashionable. Loeb then set up a company to produce this mixture of soap and metal fibres and called it Brillo.

In 1962 the Brillo company merged with Purex and is now owned by Church and Dwight.

Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads

The first product to be made by Brillo was the Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pad. Since they were originally produced they have become a household name as they can be used in a variety of places.

In the kitchen they are useful if there is baked-on food clinging to pots and pans. The soap and metal combination is also helpful when wanting to clean an oven or a barbeque.

The pink and metallic grey pads are made from steel wool, soap, colourant and a fragrance however the soap used is made from beef tallow and is therefore not vegetarian or kosher.

Brillo Soap Pads

Brillo Soap Pads are very similar to Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads. They are made by the same method however include the added cleaning power of Arm and Hammer baking soda in regular or lemon fresh scent.

These pads should be stored at room temperature and should be kept away from humid conditions and high temperatures. Kept in ideal conditions these pads have a 48 month shelf life.

Brillo Pad Junior

For harder to clean areas, Brillo Pad Juniors are ideal as they are they have the same construction as Brillo Soap Pads but are one third of the size to get into smaller spaces. Because of this, they are also recommended as single use items.

Brillo All-purpose Cleaning Pads

As an alternative to the steel wool brillo pad construction, Brillo All-purpose Cleaning Pads are made from a knitted polyester sleeve which surrounds a polyurethane foam pad. This pad is treated with a patented AEGIS Microbe Shield which is designed to fight bacteria.

These individually packaged pads are suitable for many different household surfaces including china, non-stick saucepans, countertops and hard skinned fruit and vegetables.

These pads have an indefinite shelf life.

Brillo Supreme Steel Wool

If a heavy duty cleaner is needed, Brillo Supreme Steel Wool is an effective abrasive which can be used with or without a soap.

This heavy duty steel wool is packaged in a box made from recycled materials and is biodegradable when composted.

Brillo Gripper

A plastic attachment is available from Brillo which is designed to hold a Brillo pad securely. This is helpful to protect fingernails and knuckles when cleaning.


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