British Aerospace/McDonnell Douglas T-45 Goshawk

The T-45 Goshawk is the carrier pilot trainer jet for the United States Navy.

In November, 1981, the United States announced its intensions to buy the British Aerospace Hawk as its new trainer to replace the aging fleet of T-2 Buckeye trainers. The BAe Hawks would be coupled with academics, simulators and support from McDonnell Douglas, hence forming the T-45 Goshawk. The main differences between the Goshawk and the original BAe Hawk are the Goshawks full carrier capability, an advanced U.S. Navy cockpit, U.S. Navy avionics and the use of CFRP(CarbonFibre Reinforced Plastics) throughout the structure of the aircraft. The advantages of the T-45 over the T-2 lie in cost. The T-45 is 40 percent more fuel-efficient, and maintenance man-hours are dramatically reduced. The T-45 is fitted with a U.S. manufactured Martin-Baker Mk. 14 zero-zero ejection seats.

Maximum Speed: 620 miles per hour
Service Ceiling: 42,250 feet
Range: 1,150 miles
Armament: none

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