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Bruce Berry was a roadie for Neil Young around the year 1973. The album Tonight's The Night (and the title track) are dedicated to Berry and Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten, both of whom died between Harvest (released in 1972) and Tonight's The Night (written in 1973 but held from release for two years by his record label).

Young went into quite the funk following these (drug-related) deaths and wrote one of the darker albums in his very lengthy catalog of work. Tracks like Albuquerque, Roll Another Number (For the Road) and the bookended versions of the title track capture the stupor of Neil's depression. Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown features Whitten on lead vocal, over a live session at the Fillmore East, probably the best way Neil could think to show his appreciation for a great talent.

I find Tonight's The Night to be one of the best of Neil's albums. It's dark, drunk and down. A guy I went to school with referred to the album as chill-out music. I perhaps wouldn't go that far (since putting this one on would probably kill the party), but Bruce Berry got a tremendous tribute.

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