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British screenwriter, novelist, director and (in his youth) actor, known primarily for the classic movie Withnail and I (which he wrote and directed).

He also wrote The Killing Fields, Fat Man and Little Boy, How to get Ahead in Advertising, In Dreams and Jennifer Eight. It could be argued that a number of the later films are bad, but it should be borne in mind that Robinson was a jobbing scriptwriter, who generally had legions of suits and egos between his manuscript and what reached the screen. He also did adaptations of High Rise and Germinal which have never been filmed, as well as something called Dracula - Lord of Space (!) He claims not to have seen many of the films that he originally wrote.

He has recently written an excellent novel based on his (highly dysfunctional) childhood called The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman. He is currently said to be working on a new movie called The Block. He drinks lots of red wine while angrily bashing out typescript. A great writer, a great director and a Comedy God.

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