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This is a Chinese retail store which offers cold drinks in plastic cups. Their motto is "Taste the Difference". Observed in Melbourne, April 2002.

Their drinks cost Australian $3. Extras are $0.50 each or $0.80 for "health additives".

There are a range of different drink types to choose from. you can have red or green iced tea with or without milk, with shaved ice/slurpee like or ice cubes. You choose from their flavour concentrates and can add in their sago type jellies and other extras. If you have the jellies added you can get a large straw (probably the largest I have ever seen). Their plastic cups are sealed by a special machine that fixes a plastic film over the top. The film is decorated with a star sign, and is pierced by your straw when you are ready to drink it.

Handy to carry around when you want to take your drink away somewhere. Popular with young trendy Chinese. Sago jelly and flavours have a strange artificial taste. Enjoyable and fun to drink.

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