Let's face it. Sour Apple doesn't taste like apples, Grape kool-aid doesn't taste anything like real grapes.

These flavors have a stronger association with their color than with their name. Therefore, I propose a new fake flavor naming convention where flavors are named by color. I will drink of my green kool-aid, happy to call it "green" and not Lemon-Lime

Fake flavor-coloring correlation theory is clearly a corrolary of The Apple Jacks Mystery -- if they don't have jack to do with apples, how did they get their name?

From a sociopolitical viewpoint, these phenomena point to the increasing schism between virtual reality and real reality in the lives of consumers and, particularly, children.  Many have whispered that The Discordian Society is responsible for flavors such as blue raspberry and that the obvious paradox helps to condition citizens of the world for the ascendancy of The Golden Apple Corps.  After all, The Golden Apple Corps also do not taste like apple!

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