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The Bug-Infested Temple is a location in ADOM which consists of two levels: a wilderness level and an underground level. They are both full of greater claw bugs and killer bugs. These are nasty monsters which always punch through your armour when they hit you and which can easily kill an unprepared character.

In ADOM 1.0.0, the bugs could not see invisible characters or fight in the dark, which provided a safe way to deal with them. Unfortunately, these loopholes have been closed in version 1.1.x, so the Bug-Infested Temple is much more dangerous now. If you must go in there, bring a large supply of spenseweeds to heal yourself with, and seven league boots so that you can retreat when necessary. Try to kill the bugs from a distance whenever you can.

There are two reasons to go to the Bug-Infested Temple. The first is to eat the corpses of the bugs, which increases your Dexterity and speed and decreases your Willpower. This is no longer as effective as in ADOM 1.0.0, but it is still useful. Willpower can be trained back up to 25 with morgia roots, and if you want, you can drink a potion of exchange afterwards, for the chance that your high Dexterity will be swapped with an even more useful stat like Strength.

The other reason to go to the Bug-Infested Temple is to smash the statues on the bottom level. This will stop the bugs from multiplying, and when you finish the game, there will be a note that you stopped the generation of nasty bugs. More importantly, there are lots of useful items including scrolls of chaos resistance hidden in the statues. All the loot is cursed, but one blessed scroll of uncursing will take care of that problem.

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