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"Bull in the Heather" is an excellent song by Sonic Youth. It appears on the "Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star" album, released in 1994. "Bull in the Heather" is the second track. Previously the song had appeared on a single of the same name, along with the tracks "Razor Blade" and "Doctor's Orders".

The music video for this song is perhaps even more incredible than the song itself. Kathleen Hanna, a feminist musician and a good friend of Sonic Youth's, appears throughout the video. She appears in some scenes as herself, just fooling around with the band (dancing around in her pigtails, kissing Kim Gordon, trying to wrestle Thurston Moore's guitar away from him...), and as a stripper in other scenes.

The majority of this video alternates between the band playing in what seems to be a studio (with Hanna dancing along), a "bonding"-type scene in a field with what seems to be a brother and his younger sister, and solo scenes of Kim Gordon sitting in a bedroom in a kinderwhore-esque babydoll dress. The rest is spliced-in clips of Hanna dancing as a stripper in a club, and a few of the other band members in various locations.

The video can be viewed on Sonic Youth's official website, www.sonicyouth.com, by clicking on "Archives" and then "Video".

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