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Packing method used in some Lucasarts products...

In hex, eh?

0-3 = File Type... BUND
4-7 = Total File Size
8-B = Bundle Header Start = BNHD
C-F = Bundle Header Size 

... (the stuff in between this doesn't make any sense) ...

1C - 1F = byte to XOR File Names with to produce plaintext

File Names/locations/sizes begin 1C bytes before end of Header.

Going backwards from 1C - Header's size....

1st 4 bytes = Location
4 more = Size
8F back... just blank space...
64 back is the file name... XOR each byte with value given at 1c-1f to produce plaintext

First, I don't know how to stop it this way. It could just go on 'til it hits the start of the file or could be done the opposite way. That's how I wrote the unpacker, but I don't like the idea of hardcoding the locations and ends. This is just a reference for any of you who get the urge to write one (pretty wallpaper in the Episode 1 Insider's Guide).

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