In the Playboy Clubs of the 1960s to the 1980s, it was customary for waitresses (aka Bunny Girls) to do the Bunny Dip while serving drinks. Instead of bending over in order to set the drinks on the table, it was necessary for the waitress to face away from the table and do a combination tilt and twirl backwards. This was an acquired skill and resulted in several back injuries over the years. The Bunny Dip was compulsory and was done in order to keep the Bunny's breasts from popping out of her costume. Watching an attractive woman bend over backwards was also aesthetically pleasing in its own right.

The website Circle Time ( also suggests an actual dip by this name, allegedly to get kids into the Easter spirit. It's a mix of ranch salad dressing and sour cream, and should be eaten with carrot sticks.

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