Guide to Creating Healing Burns with Stage Makeup
  • Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the surface of the skin to be "burned." This should not be thick enough to ooze like a fresh burn, but just enough to glisten.
  • Paint the area around the petroleum jelly with liquid latex.
  • While the latex is still wet, press tissue paper over the petroleum jelly and into the latex. It is a good idea to rip all of the edges of the paper so they are uneven. A straight cut edge will show, even from a great distance.
  • Pry a corner or slice the tissue just as you would in a fresh burn. Remember that a healing burn will be much smaller and its edges less jagged than a fresh burn.
  • Apply the base color to the latex, adding shadows and highlights to create depth. The latex does not need to be puckered and wrinkled as in a fresh burn.
  • With a little creativity, you can gently put "stitches" into the wound, drawing it partly shut. Be careful to only stitch latex and paper...not flesh!!

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