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the slogan that resides on a green1 bumper sticker on a car that tends to park somewhat near my apartment in Cambridge.

Now, I don't know if the owner is (was?) pro-Al Gore, or pro-Ralph Nader, anti-George W. Bush, or something else altogether, but I must say, man, that is a clever slogan, on many levels...

Of course, whenever I tell anyone I know about this, they always say something to the effect of, "What? That's not clever at all! What levels are you talking about?" Well ok, here's a list:

  1. the fairly obvious play on words: Bush, the man, vs. bush, the shrubbery
  2. the parody of the oh-so-overused "X for Y" slogans ("Ventura for Governor", etc.)
  3. the implication, "I believe George W. Bush to be qualified to be a lawn ornament, but little else", which may be harsh, but it's still a funny implication.

there, are you happy? I've just ruined the subtlety of it all.

1 Of course, by "green", I mean "red".. wow, my memory is getting worse by the minute!

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