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The C6 is a machine-gun developed in Belgium. It is a fully automatic, air-cooled, belt-fed and gas-operated weapon.

In a sustained fire role, the C6 is mounted on a tripod. With the C2 sight and aiming lamp, the gun crew can aim at non-visible targets which, due to fog, smoke or darkness can no longer be viewed through the iron sight. In this role, the C6 can be employed in most offensive and defensive fire support tasks, but not as an indirect fire weapon.

In a light fire role, the C6 is fired from its bipod or from its sling, which is looped over either shoulder. In this role, it can be brought into action quickly and is particularly useful as an assault, close quarter, or anti-aircraft weapon. The light role may be the role of choice for patrolling, advance, hasty defence, delaying actions, and withdrawal.


Calibre: 7.62 mm
machine-gun: 11 kg
barrel: 3 kg
220 round belt: 5 kg
machine-gun: 1.26 m
barrel: 0.68 m
sight base: 0.848 m
Mode of fire: Automatic only
Cyclic rate of fire: 650 to 1,000 rounds per minute
Operation: Gas-operated, air-cooled, belt-fed
Effective range:
800 m on bipod
1,800 m on tripod
$10,000 per unit

Fabrique Nationale, Herstal S.A., Belgium

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