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CCHR (Citizen's Commission on Human Rights) is an anti-psychiatry Scientology organization. It goes beyond any claims that psychiatry has some things wrong with it, or a lot of things wrong with it; it goes beyond criticizing things like lobotomies, electroshock therapy and Prozac. Rather, CCHR claims that psychiatry is rotten to the core, because the founding fathers of psychiatry didn't believe that humans had souls, and thus treated humans as no different from animals while developing their theories. But rather than claiming that psychiatrists are simply wrong and misguided, it portrays them as being likely to be scumbags.

While I don't doubt that there a lot of problems in the modern day psychiatric profession, CCHR doesn't do the people it's trying to help any good by going off the deep end and portraying psychiatry as the major cause of misery in the world today. When it makes such claims as these:

  • a large part of the cause of the Holocaust was psychiatry
  • that 150,00 women have been sexually abused by psychiatrists (and backs this up by a footnoted reference to a analysis it conducted, without making any other information about that analysis available)
  • that it was psychiatry that created racism

When it makes claims like that, rather than persuading people that there are lots of problems in psychiatry, it will make them think that anti-psychiatry is nothing more than a joke.

Their website is at http://cchr.org/

For some not-so friendly views of psychiatry that aren't Scientology originated, try:

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