The CLQ is the Champions league for Quake, and the website can be found at Originally created as a way to compare how well Quake players were performing in their best 90 minutes each week. The CLQ would receive information from Quake servers all over the world and use these to calculate a rating for each player. You could then compare yourself with others and see who the 'best player' in the world was. The CLQ assumed the best player would be the person who garnered the most frags in their best 90 minutes. For Quake it seemed to work fine

However since the introduction of the CLQ, various other games and mods have started being monitored and the rankings can now be viewed on the CLQ website. Unfortunately several games and mods don't lend themselves well to the "Who can frag the fastest?" mentality. For example, in Team Fortress Classic (a mod for Half-Life) attackers usually gain ten points for every successful capture of the opposing flag. If playing on a near empty server it is possible to 'achieve' huge frag totals with little effort which leads to the devaluation of the CLQ as an accurate measure of ability for those mods.

The formula used to calculate someone's CLQ rating is as follows:

Player X has played 1423 minutes and collected 1878 frags (captures and other bonus points are included). In his/her very best 30 minutes X collected 136 frags. In his/her very best 90 minutes X collected 245 frags. His/her rating will now be: (245 - 136) * 22 + 136 / 2 = 2466. CLQ uses separate minutes so the 90 minutes do not have to be continuous. The other 1333 minutes X played are ignored completely. CLQ ignores the very best 30 minutes to reduce what it calls the "lucky-game" factor.

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