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CLUH stands for "Challenging, Learning about, and Undermining Heterosexism". It is a student organization at UC Santa Cruz that gives workshops all over campus and in the community dedicated to educating folks about heterosexism and other oppressions.

CLUH defines heterosexism as a "systematic form of oppression that is based on the concept that heterosexuality is natural, normal, required and superior to other ways of experiencing sexuality. Throughout society, it creates and perpetuates both the invisibility of non-heterosexual people and the idea that alternative sexualities are deviant, wrong and immoral." CLUH stays actively engaged with issues like intersections of oppression, transgendered issues, and homophobia on campus, along with many more. Most, but not all, of the members are some form of queer, but it is a diverse organization that welcomes everyone.

Two or three times a year, CLUH holds an intensive weekend-long training for its facilitators. Some people attend this training without intending to facilitate CLUH workshops, because it is such a valuable and educating experience. CLUH regularly puts on different workshops at conferences such as the UCGLBTIA (University of California Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Intersexed Association) Conference, and has been invited all over the country to give its workshops.

Also visit their website at www.cluh.org.

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