Crossing traditional gender lines. Almost all societies today have a dichotic gender paradigm, and through stereotypes and other methods work to make sure members of the society stay within carefully defined boundaries. One who does things outside of these boundaries is transgendered.

It is a blanket term, and many subgroups could be defined inside of it. Crossdressers, transvestites, and transsexuals are all considered transgendered. There are also people who do not want to be placed inside those groups, and only want to be referred to as transgendered. They often do some sort of gender blending, taking on attributes of both genders in striking ways.

Often considered wrong and/or immoral by people, usually due to religious reasons, but not necessarily - much of it may be due to challenging norms that are usually considered inflexible.

A transgendered person is a gender deviant who helps to smash the binary gender system. Some transgendered folks may identify as:

transsexual · transvestite · cross-dresser · transgenderist · genderqueer · FTM/F2M · MTF/M2F · transman · transwoman · transperson · third-gendered · gendertrash · gender outlaw · gender warrior · both and neither · trans · transfag · transdyke · tranny · passing woman/girl · drag king · drag queen · male lesbian · girl boy · boychick · boy girl · boy dyke · girl fag · gender blender · transqueer · androgynous · transfolk · butch dyke · nelly fag · gender-different · gender subversive · shape-shifter · he-she · she-male · transboy · transgirl · androgyne · gender-variant · genderfucker · trannyfag · trannyqueer · trannydyke · Two Spirit · new man · new woman · she-bear · Tomboy · intersexual/intersexed · female guy · tranz · bearded female · herm · hermaphrodite · ungendered · agendered · genderfree · bigendered · midgendered · polygendered · omnigendered · crossgendered · byke · bgirl · gboy · boi · pre-op · post-op · non-op · pangendered · othergendered · transkid · female impersonator · gender-atypical · ambigendered

Transgendered folks are becoming more prevalent in mainstream media with the release of movies like boys don't cry. However, even with (or possibly because of) increased awareness of the sphere of gender possibilities, there is a lot of transphobia in the world. A classic example is when a trans person is asked if ze is in the wrong bathroom because ze does not conform to society's gender system.

Contrariwise, some transsexuals feel that their transgender status is transitory. Some feel that the binary gender dichotomy is correct -- it's just that they started on the wrong side of the line. Once they (members of the subset) have "finished" their transitions (with or without hormones and/or surgery) they feel they have made it from the wrong gender to the right one.

Eventually, some stealth transsexuals get comfortable enough to decloak and mentor transsexual newbies or advocate/rabble-rouse for their cause publicly.

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