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An FTM (female-to-male transgendered/transsexual person) or other genderqueer, who is sexually attracted to other men, whether they are male-born, transgendered, transsexual, or what. It is shorthand: boy plus boy plus transgendered identity, in one word.

Like "fag," this is a term best used by those who identify with it in some way, rather than by outsiders. Unlike "fag," "trannyfag" is generally obscure enough that it is not used as a slur by homophobes or transphobes.

It can be a difficult identity to explain. As one trannyfag on the Sphere list remarked when queried about his identity, "I have begun answering with 'I'm a fag, but whether you take me as such really depends on what gender you think I am.'" That begins to illustrate the complexity inherent in this identity. It's very common for people to confuse gender and sexuality - for example, to look at a lesbian couple and demand, "So, which one of you is the man?" A term like "trannyfag" or "transdyke" combines sexual identities with gender and sex changes, confusing people even more.

In 2002, Canada's Xtra! magazine ran an essay by a trannyfag who found himself dating a woman. His experience illustrates the fluidity of gender...

That first night, gender had been irrelevant. I was so unsure of the gender of my person of desire, that when I was unable to find my him or her, I searched both the men’s and women’s washrooms. No luck in either. Later, and I’m not sure how much later, she told me she was a woman and a dyke.
...as well as the way that they destabilize the world's ideas of what gay, straight, male, and female should look like:
Most of the time I am a bearded, breasted, trannyboy who is with a fabulous lesbian lover. In the eyes of the law we are two women, and in the eyes of the straight majority we are hetero-sexuals. At times we are fags. Separately, we get read as a dyke and a fag. Together, our opportunities for coming out and challenging expectations have shifted. We challenge the assumptions of as many queer heads as we do straight people, and challenge others to see how our identities as individuals have not changed in the context of our relationship.
There are as many ways of being a trannyfag as there are of being a "normal" gay man; this is only one person's experience. But it is a useful look at an identity that seems straightforward and holds much more inside.

Quotes are from http://www.xtra.ca/site/toronto2/arch/body1218.shtm. More information can be found on the trannyfags listserv at http://groups.queernet.org/group/trannyfags.

First, it should be noted that in the transgendered world, sexual preference is based upon two things: The gender identity of the person, and the gender/gender identity that person is attracted to. They may be homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual.

Now, on to the definition of the slang word "Trannyfag." It is a derogatory word used to describe a female to male transexual that has a sexual preference for men.

If one wants to truly be enlightened, one may wish to consult the Transgender FAQ: http://www.geocities.com/westhollywood/6888/tgfaq.htm

Trannyfag is only a derogatory word if someone doesn't want it applied to them; the same as the word fag. That is, one probably shouldn't use it to label other people without their permission, but lots of people use it to label themselves, in which case it is not deragatory, but the reclaiming of a word that was once used against them (much like fag in general - and in this case that's the reclaimed word since trannyfag was never a popular insult for androphilic FTMs, as far as I know, - nigger, etc.)

Also, sexual orientation identity is not necessarily dependant on the person's gender identity; in fact, it only need be if one identifies with the classical sense of homosexual and heterosexual. Bisexual, asexual, pan-sexual, polysexual, intellectsexual, queersexual, etc. (as much as your mind can come up with) people can be any gender. This is part of the beauty of the label "trannyfag": while it does indicate that you are a tranny, and you like dudes, it doesn't peg you in a gendered role the way that "fag" or "dyke" do in and of themselves. Even the identity "heterosexual" implies a certain level of gender normativity, though it doesn't specify which gender normative identity its referent possesses.

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