Gender rebellion feminists suggest that, when biological sex (male or female), gender (masculine or feminine), and sexual orientation are taken into account there are really, eighteen genders, not the two that are traditionally considered appropriate in Western Society. They are:

  • homosexual masculine female
  • bisexual masculine female
  • heterosexual masculine female
  • homosexual androgynous female
  • bisexual androgynous female
  • heterosexual androgynous female
  • homosexual feminine female
  • bisexual feminine female
  • heterosexual feminine female
  • homosexual masculine male
  • bisexual masculine male
  • heterosexual masculine male
  • homosexual androgynous male
  • bisexual androgynous male
  • heterosexual androgynous male
  • homosexual feminine male
  • bisexual feminine male
  • heterosexual feminine male

Some other gender rebellion radical feminists argue, however, that this system is no better than traditional binary understanding of gender because it still catagorizes people, which limits their ability to self-actualize and be recognized as fully human.

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