Best known as being the main love theme from the film Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, starring Kevin Costner and Alan Rickman.

It's also infamously known to residents of the United Kingdom as being, to date, the record-holder for the longest time spent at number one in the Gallup pop charts ("The only chart based on record sales, the only chart that counts...", according to BBC Radio 1).

On 13th July 1991, Bryan Adams began his sixteen week residency at the top of the charts, during which time it was at the top of the Radio 1 playlists and the thrilling climax of every Top Of The Pops. It seemed strange that one song that was driving everyone crazy was still somehow selling more units than everything else that was released. Rumours were abound that you'd never go without a tea coaster in Bryan's house. Finally, on the 2nd November, U2's highly-anticipated comeback single The Fly mercifully released us all from chart limbo.

Possibly Pointless Trivia

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