"For Boys Girls and Inbetweenies"

The Way Out Club is perhaps London’s most notorious transgender club. They certainly claim to be the ‘world’s best’. Situated in north London, the small group of organizers and large group of regulars are the oddest people one is likely to meet. Odd in a good way of course. There is a certain freedom one can experience going to a club where one can wear whatever one wants without fear of judgment. All sorts go; girls, boys, tgirls, admirers and nearly everything else. Going out ‘en femme’ for the first few times can be very scary. The Way Out Club provides an idyllic way to try out your new outfits.

The club runs every Saturday night and opens from very early to very late. With an average turn out of 200 people from every walk of life, it is a very welcoming place. There should be someone there for all tastes and delights. Bands and DJs provide entertainment along side the classic performances of the patrons. There is usually a Christmas panto etc. The music is like that which one would usually expect to find in a London nightclub. There are dance tracks along side current popular chart songs. There are special evenings and events at which a certain genre of music may be played. The events of which are billed on their website. The stage show performances usually follow a set stlye. This being cheesy and over done, but used to comic effect.

The bar is available at a discounted price if the customer is crossdressing.

As the club is only open on a Saturday night, the venue is used by many other clubs through out the week, normally serving as a bar. Because of this, the decor is perhaps suitably androgynous. Black walls with mirrors and disco lights are the features to catch the eyes A further report will come when I have visited for another time.
It is important to note that although The Way Out Club caters for transgendered people, it can be visited and enjoyed by everyone.

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