the walls are moving
carpet's losing
its consistency

my hands are see-through
my friend says he, too
has buckles on his knees

silly flowers
over me tower
and there's bugs as big as a bus

but these buildings could stand
in the palm of my hand
and the city is turning to rust

a piece of the sky
fell into my eye
now I can see nothing but blue

that sharp piece of air
is lodged deep in there
and there's nothing that I can do

to get it back out
so it's sit here and pout
or feel my way out of this stew

but my fingers are gangly
they're two feet too long
the knuckles are weak
but the muscle's too strong
and now they're knotted together
like long strips of leather
and stretch fine right now
but will crack in bad weather

the panic is coming
I can't stop it now
My head's swelling up
And then pretty soon
there stood the snake eyed man
neat as can be
pointing his finger
and laughing at me
"Didn't I tell you
that this is all lies?"

he said with a smile
and the snakes in his eyes
"Just take a deep breath and try to relax
remember the feelings and forget all the facts
Pull off your fingers
Stick them to your feet
move them around on the carpet
it feels really neat!"

With that he was gone
and the madness was back
But things were all different
better, in fact!

the moral, if there is one
of this tale must be
"Keep the sky in your eyes
but feel the ground with your feet!"

-the gilded frame
--Add Me On

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