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The ancient, true home of the Narnian kings; the great castle of C.S. Lewis' seven-book Chronicles of Narnia. Legend had it that when four children from our world sat upon its throne as Kings and Queens of Narnia, the reign of the evil White Witch would end. This came to pass when Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie passed through a magic wardrobe and entered Narnia. The four reigned for many years before returning to our world.

Many years later, Narnia was overrun by the Telmarines, who were quite superstitious about the Narnian Lord Aslan who came from over the sea. Consequently the Telmarines dug a channel across Cair Paravel's peninsula and spread stories about its haunted woods. The four children eventually found Cair Paravel's ruins when they were summoned back to drive out King Miraz the Usurper. Once this was done, Cair Paravel regained its standing as the capital of Narnia until the end of Narnia's days.

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