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As any good student knows, the best recipes come to you whilst...inebriated...especially after a good night out on the town. This is one such recipe. Returning early one morning from a night on the tiles, me and my flatmates began to feel the familiar rumblings of the munchies. As my flatmates searched their cupboards, I turned my attention to my own distinct lack of edibles. The most prominent thing there was a tray of about half a dozen eggs. Brilliant! Egg sandwiches are always a great thing at 3am! I searched the cupboard further.

No bread

The only other things that I could find in the cupboard were my usual box of random herbs and spices, and a couple of cans of good old baked beans. Having practically lived off of cooked breakfast that week, I decided against just having fried egg and beans, but what could I do with them instead?


The word resounded through my head like a small bomb going off. Omelettes are the best way of getting rid of random food when you get bored and hungry, and if they can put potatoes in an omelette, why not baked beans? The logic was sound at the time anyway. There was one problem though. The sauce from the baked beans would make the omelette all runny and icky, which is something no man wants to deal with when sloshed. My eyes were drawn to the left of me. Sieve! I quickly dumped the beans into the sieve, then even more quickly, rushed them over to the sink, where I washed the juice out with cold water. Whilst they were draining, I grabbed a jug off the side, and cracked three eggs into it, beating them with a fork once done. I then took the beans off the sink, and threw them in as well. Stirring, I thought to myself what I could do to give this a bit of a kick. Searching the cupboard, I found my favouritest of favourite seasonings, Cajun! About a dessertspoon was thrown in. One of my flatmates had just finished his sausage sandwich, so while the heat was still on, I pilfered his frying pan, and poured my concoction into it. Mmmmm. The egg immediately started to heat up, cooking the baked beans through. Whilst this was bubbling away, I had a quick rummage through my fridge to see if there was what I define as the perfect omelette ingredient. Yup. Cheeeese. I pulled it out in time to see the omelette become semi cooked across the entire top surface. I realised that the tricky part had come. Flipping an omelette is tricky when sober. Fearing bodily harm at trying to do it whilst intoxicated, I grabbed another frying pan off the draining board, and threw the other over it, depositing the omelette in the new one. It was just a matter of sliding it back into the old pan then. I grated a big wadge of cheese up straight afterwards, and threw it on top of the omelette, and waited for it to melt. I removed it from the pan onto a plate, and sat down, and stared at my creation. One of my flatmates asked me what I had in that abomination. I told him. He asked what it was like. I gestured for him to wait one moment. I slowly cut a piece off, and popped it into my mouth. I chewed briefly, then swallowed, and pronounced, "It is good"

It is now part of my regular meals.

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