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  1. The hero who gave his name to the country of Calydon in Aetolia, north of the Gulf of Corinth; he was the son of Aetolus and Pronoe (Table 24). He married Aeolia, a daughter of Amythaon and fathered two daughters, Epicaste and Protogenia.

  2. Other traditions make Calydon a son of Thestius. The latter returned from a long stay at Sicyon to find Calydon lying near his mother, and believing, wrongly, that they were having an incestuous relationship he killed them. When he later realized his mistake he threw himself into a stream called the Axenus, and it was thereafter called the Thestius, until it was finally renamed the Achelous. Another story claims that Calydon was the son of Ares and Astynome who saw Artemis bathing and was changed into a rock on the mountain of Calydon near the Achelous.


Table of Sources

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