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What is CamStudio?

CamStudio is an open source software program that allow users to record video and audio on their personal computer into AVI or SWF. In addition, it is free to download and is compatible with Microsoft Windows.
CamStudio Open Source has been available since April 6, 2005 as CamStudio 2.0.


The program is fairly easy to use when in need to capture something on your desktop, whether it's some computer game or a tutorial of some sort.
Features in CamStudio includes:

  • Region Settings: Users can choose how much in size to capture, or just capture the target in full screen.
  • Video Options: Provides several compressor options and video tweaks, for example, changing the number of frames to capture in milliseconds.
  • Audio Options: Sofware allows recording with no audio, audio from speakers, or from a microphone.
  • Annotations: CamStudio provides screen annotations, the ability to apply shapes and layouts for captioning or design. In addition, video annotations is included for webcam application or some other video source.
  • AVI to SWF Conversion: CamStudio can convert recorded AVI files into SWF with SWF Producer built-in.

Lossless Codec

Losseless Codec is a video and audio compressor which provide users with higher quality content and smaller filesize compared to it's pre-installed compressors. It is downloaded separately and can be installed like a patch to CamStudio.


CamStudio is a solid video capturing software with user friendly options. For some people, recording could drop the computer's frames per second, but it depends on the user's computer and settings. Can't complain much due to its simplicity as a software. And best of all, it's open source and free!



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